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Rome has spoken; the case is concluded.
Augustine Sermons
Many have wanted this to be the way it is. The current President of the United States of America acts as if he thought he was Rome. He will be remembered for that hubris. The American people may have elected him in a sea of lies and misleading manipulation and a compliant press and a weak opposition. But history will be written and he is not the victor that shall have written it. For there are only two Romes now and they are related. The American people, sovereign in their constitution and them in solidarity with the people of the world (and they are in solidarity even if they haven't found that voice or have been temporarily lead astray in their fear). Blasphemous you may think, and you are right to think so for I reject the authority of Rome. Of the emperors who usurped power from the senate and the Papacy who has lost the ability to hear the words of God.