philoserf (philoserf) wrote,

My Basic Optimistic Nature Looks Out

My Basic Optimistic Nature Looks Out and sees our future and our future is bright despite what the current regime may do, may have done. We have survived these misguided side trips before. We have been ignored, reviled, frowned upon and laughed at by the world outside our borders before. Still when we come out the other side of this short painful trip we will remain the resilient people we have always been.

This does not mean that we site idly by waiting for that better day to arrive.

My Basic Cynical Nature Looks Out and questions the true motives and purposes of those in power. There I see a group that, time after time, has twisted words and phrases to new meanings meant to carry people who believe in other ways along with them to an end that is not clean, ethical, moral or honest. In my heart I know those who lead us now would carry us into dictatorship. Whether by intent or a side effect I cannot tell today.

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