philoserf (philoserf) wrote,

Rating System for Wine

When this philosopher serf drinks a bottle of wine he rarely rates or compares it but from time to time he will comment and when he does it might be good to know how deep or how shallow his rating system might be. While he is not aware of all of his predilections and preferences this short list or ratings are the whole game.

1 -- Isn't even willing to finish the bottle.
2 -- Will finish the bottle but won't buy another, unless by oversight and mistake.
3 -- The bottle was fine, let's have another another day.
4 -- Nice bottle of wine, I'd really like to find that one again.
5 -- Wow, I'm going to pick that up every time I see it and have room to store it 'til the day I can drink it. Oh heck, who am I lying to. I'll drink it as soon as I have someone to share it with.

So now you know. I'll attach a rating to every bottle I might happen to review. Be aware, I will tend to openly review those that are higher up the list toward 5 and rarely comment on those I give to the cities sewer system.

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