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Microsoft Sucks!

I don't want it to but it does. They constantly change what isn't documented in ways that makes it utterly impossible to truly grok the internals. Not in the way that Sysinternals groks the internals. While I won't say that isn't work, I am so sure it is, what they do is a subset of what I want to grok. Every time I step through a door of understanding Microsoft changes the rules, rewrites the code, stores its significant data in a new place and does all of it in undocumented ways. If I was half as smart as I ought to be I'd document better what I discover as I destroy my machine for my own pleasure and make a mint from the sharing of my pain. And my pain is deep, frequent and repeated. Trying to be an old fashion, traditional sense of the word, hacker of Microsoft products and operating systems is futile pain and the definition of sado-masochism.

The comments above are prompted by my continuing failure to fully grok all the junk, shit and detritus in Windows XP and my first look at some really cool and inscrutable aspects of Windows Vista.


Aug. 17th, 2005 05:00 am (UTC)
I wish I could feel your pain. I never got past Windows 2000 Professional.