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Microsoft is currently screwing up its marketing message on a level that hasn't been seen since the fiasco of attaching .net to everything. The things that are .net are, even now, still recovering from that muck up. If Microsoft keeps up the rate of crap coming out with a muddy message in re Longhorn I think the real message there, whatever it is, will be lost.

Also, I am chaffing at the arrogance of Microsoft the company, the Microsoft employee's that speak publicly and the other Microsoft-ites that talk about the beast. Dudes you don't get it. At the current rate we will fly to the first OS that can meet our needs and then you are toast. Stop making X that only works with Y as shipped by you. Stop blaming the makers of Z for problems you caused long ago with the integration of A into the OS where it NEVER belonged to begin with. Stop changing B in ways that breaks everything C tried to build upon it.

You antagonize and annoy your friends at a rate that exceeds the indifference of those that have already moved on to another platform and the anger of those you destroyed on your way to where you are via monopolistic behavior.