philoserf (philoserf) wrote,

Rant! Avert Your Eyes

You know the depth of shittiness that a company like Microsoft has sunk into when, over and over and over again, they release a fix for product A that breaks product B. It was bad enough when product A and product B came from different parts of the borg collective but when the products are Siamese twin sisters and have been for a long time, well then you know they haven't a clue and can't test for shit.

Damn it boys and girls at Microsoft. Keep it up and more and more of us will going running to Apple or Linux. Heck, you might even create the next operating system innovation boom just by dying on your own incompetence. Amiga, Be, we miss you.

Free gift to Microsoft executive management. Take some of your billions and start a clean room OS team without the burden of backward compatibility. It is your only hope. New OS design, new API, new products on a new platform. If you don't do it someone will and I'll bet right now their name is Apple or better yet some upstart funded by angels we haven't met. You saw the hardware manufacturers, even your most loyal minions, move to support Linux to some degree, you can see Apple on Intel coming 'round the bend.

Vista from XP from 2000 from 95 from 3.1 from OS/2 on DOS from CP/M. You have tried writing it away in increments and built a pile of stinking dung even the largest beetle couldn't roll away. You have made decisions that were stupid (IE is the OS anyone) or worse. Over and over again you have. Hell, our Federal government, when controlled by honest men, saw how you maintained and built higher your pile of dung.

I will bet you have 5 years, at most, to fix your mistakes. Good luck. I wanted you to succeed but not as you have become.

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