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The Eight Annual DMB in the Gorge Trip: Day One Report

After having picked up deanchaseis at the airport, eaten at Firefly (the restaurant), watched the pilot of Firefly (the TV show) the night before, I drag him out of bed at 0 dark 30 and we head to the pass.

At Suncadia we walk into the club house and immediately get on the course. We and the sunrise wander the course for just under 4 hours. It is an Arnold Palmer design and has his signature risk reward layout. I scored well and enjoyed the morning. We had lunch on the deck at the clubhouse with the bees a buzz then got back into the car for the trip down to the Columbia at Vantage.

This year we are the first to setup camp in our DMB village. Dozens of them will form before the show starts tonight. Ours will be fairly small this year. And intimate collection of college students, twenty-somethings, a token 30-something of three and myself. The clan of the fertile pine (a large pine cone sits upon a staff beside their encampment) is setup beside us. In all, at peak, I'd guess we were 25 at our highest population.

Off to the gorge early, our excitement to begin the event uncontainable, every year I enjoy the socializing in the grass parking lot and the line before the show. This year the, we must be in control, patrol was in full force Friday. A little damper on the harmless alcohol I'd be drinking pre-show but nothing too bad.

Right at five we head up to the entrance and fate put us in the line that went through on the first go. Blanket and water in hand we head in, get banded for the Warehouse lawn section, grab one of the new Ben and Jerry's taster, sign the liberal political petitions and head to our home on the lawn.

Once we'd marked our turf like good citizens we head to the new open alcohol, side stage, area where Deano begins his journey to "I feel reaaaalll good!"

During the evening, I spy nearby a goddess. Her loose curls and smile knock me over. "She is fine" sings, over and over again in my mind. I find myself speechless and immobile, paralyzed even to go over and say hello. A thing that normally would be no issue since a DMB show in the gorge is more like home to me than many other places I have lived. I won't see her again all weekend and some small regret remains even now.

The show is great, great energy, great pacing, great jams, great crowd. Even the moo line back to the lot is fun and easy. We hang 'til the great mass of mainly motionless automobiles are clear away and on the road. We meet our fellow travellers, hand out some bottled water to the thirsty, share some small bits of food with the hungry then mount up ourselves and head back to our DMB village.

Tomorrow: Late to bed, early to rise, with a hungover golf buddy.

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