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Epic 2015

Start Here: Epic 2015

For a long time I have been an advocate of a philosophy paraphrased as,"Let go of your privacy. You don't even want it and trying to keep it will fail anyway."

For a shorter time I have wondered if the personalization trend started by Amazon and currently the underlying trend of many sites, the one highlighted in Epic 2015, might lead to a narrower world. Might I knew more about what I already know? Might I meet online more of those I already understand?

One of the wonderful things about the early Internet, by today's reckoning not the early as in pre-HTTP/HTML, was the constant exposure to the other. To things one could not easily find in ones neighborhood, among ones friends.

I have no answer. I only wonder. Time will tell.

I think the trend, the reaction to the opening of the world really, has been toward insulation. We have the close the border people. We have the anti-multiculturalists. We have the anti-outsourcers. We have many other examples of reaction to the flattening of our world. Might we soon have two classes? The open, multi-cultural, internationalists, characterized by an embrace of diversity. The close, enclaves of right minded, true path, preservers.

I just don't know. I only ask the questions. I ask the questions over and over again. I ask until someone volunteers an answer that makes sense, seems plausible. I ask until I can move onto the next question.