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If you work in an environment that requires some deep separation from the rest of your life then I feel deeply sorrowful for you. Personally, I refuse to do that. But then it wouldn't be the only convention I refuse to accept. I have been succeeding none-the-less. Some might think success comes from bucking convention rather than in spite of it.

No, my life is not clean and pure by the standards of some and the workplace becomes more and more least common denominator generic. Still because it moves that way does not mean that way is the right way. I will follow the right way, as the idealist I am, and face the consequences when I am no longer a good fit for my workplace.

Live, be, a whole person, not compartments, not this part for this employer, and this part for that lover, and this part for that family member. You do them all a service by being all of yourself all of the time.