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Life report

  1. This weekend three eighteens and one nine of golf.
  2. The ex called for Bumbershoot on Saturday, no go. If she ever called when she didn't want something I might say yes. It rained hard on Saturday. Bummer.
  3. K had to beg off on Bumbershoot Monday. She offered dinner Thursday as a consolation.
  4. I saw A.1 this morning [in all the drag-into-work-after-a-long-weekend glory]. Man she's cute anyway. We still need to get together for dinner and story exchange.
  5. iago_iwo came by raving about his recent introduction to kayaking. It will be great to have someone willing to go out on the water. Few can imagine how easily the bug can catch, how it speaks to the brain stem, and how, for some, it speaks to the cerebellum too.
  6. Good workday. Full, even, productive, useful.
  7. Picked up some good single malt and a few cigars, for the golf course, on the way home.
  8. I had to beg off on yoga with D tonight. I did my Monday chores which lead to a serendipitous,
  9. Conversation with S at Firefly. Our first extended conversation with each other, interesting and fun. She's a golfer and lives life.
  10. I ought to call A.2 for a walk, and if she gets a little more self confident, a bounce.
  11. My polka dots and moonbeams is too young and about to step into the skies as a flight attendant for Alaska. Still she is friendly, engaging, obviously flirting and cute as a button, a pugged nosed dream.
  12. I've got my intro yoga class tomorrow evening. [My first intro class after years of yoga as fitness or yoga on my own.]
  13. Each morning this week I'll be easily and smoothly launching balls out to the 150 yard mark.
  14. Thursday, the consolation dinner with K.
  15. Friday, rain check yoga with D.
  16. Saturday, golf with the crew of The Common and Recent Bogeymen's Golf Club.
  17. Sunday, relax, walk, read, be.
Upcoming Events: Santana, Iron and Wine, Hank a.k.a. Henry Rollins. Also I think I'll do a round or two at Bandon just before the equinox.