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I was on the training grounds of some future army for some future war. I had been there before. I would be there again. I slid out of the lines, away from my troops and into the training facility command and control center. I was there to see an old friend. We met in the halls, shared some words, sat down for coffee and talked as he ate his breakfast, beginning his day as I and my troops were ending ours. Then the senior command staff came in, from the facility and from both sides of the exercise. As I departed I said something profound, one of those things that does not even seem to come from within oneself. Even I was surprised by its pertinence to the moment, its depth and applicability to the days ahead of us. Then I left as I had come and joined my troops under an alien sky as they settled in for a well earned rest.

When I awoke I was sad for a moment not to have remembered anything but the tenor of my words. Then I realized that, perhaps, the meaning of the dream, if dreams have any meaning at all, might have been about sources of profundity. Dreams looked at from outside them in search of meaning, of their interpretation, seem to suppose an intelligent, multi-talented, nuanced mind.

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