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LJ Interests Meme

LJ Interests meme results

  1. books:
    The words in them, the feel of them, the paper, the binding, the weight or lightness, illustration and ideas.
  2. curiosity:
    My reason for being, I never left behind the why is....
  3. falsehood:
    Truth is important but falsehood more interesting, it adds layers to the puzzle and difficulty to the quest to understand.
  4. j.r.r. tolkien:
    He knew language, created language, and a complex layered story.
  5. miles davis:
    Cool, creative, layered, experimental.
  6. pga tour:
    Man these guys are good.
  7. science fiction:
    Our story and the possibilities it brings, the best of it is true and real, but best of all is that the science fiction of a time tells the story of the time is was created, what did we think of our time and our possibilities.
  8. sybaritic elitism:
    I like the things that make life yummy and comfortable, and also, some are better suited to somethings than others.
  9. winnie the pooh:
    A great sage.
  10. ♀♂:
    Female and male. Together a blend of differences that transcends.

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