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Focusing on What Matters Most

I haven't been succeeding lately at retaining focus on the things that matter most to me. As a result I have been a little less gloriously happy and achieving far less than I like to do. It is nearly a year since the chair beside me at work went empty and, while we filled it for a month, it has been a noted vacuum. I have raised the bar on what I can achieve well, and added a score of things we all know I will do less well, still well enough. But that is at work. The place I have fallen off lately is in the rest of life. Fitness has had a lower priority, reading nonexistent, writing so very thin as to be a shadow of my expressiveness, conversation with interesting people also at a low.

Enough of observation and reporting of fact; onto remedy. It is time to recall my time management training, time to revisit my prioritization, time to plan weekly and hew as close to the plan as I can. It is time to add the gym visits to my running, time to get into the pool, time to stretch and flex and firm with my yoga practice, time to relax with a book, time to enjoy good food and good wine and good conversation with friends.

Most of all, it is time to write a few interesting pieces for you to read.