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The Useless Drivel of a Philosopher Serf

I offer these few words for your consideration.

4 July 1962
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for the purposes before us, I am what you read here

Mark Ayers is a resident of Edmonds, Washington in the United States of America. There, he serves on the steering committee for the Write On The Sound [WOTS] writers’ conference and on the Edmonds Library Board. He is a member of a range of organizations personally and professionally. Among them are: the Washington Water Trails Association [WWTA], SAGE, the Common and Recent Bogeymen’s Golf Club [C&RBGC]. He was a founder of the never recognized and long forgotten Student Apathy Club (Who Cares?).

Mark is married with two school age children. His day job is in information technology. Once upon a time, he could be found jumping from airplanes, slogging a heavy pack over rough ground or sleeping in a muddy hole with the United States Army.

Today, you might find him reading and writing, hiking and camping, enjoying wine and conversation, and paddling a sea kayak. He publishes, at http://philoserf.com/, a random spew of useless information, opinion, commentary, poetry and prose as ‘a philosopher serf’.